My Inspiration began from motherhood.

When I became pregnant with my first child in 2013, I was shocked when I discovered the amount of harmful chemicals and pesticides contained in much of the baby clothing and food that was on the market. I decided that for my family, organic products were the healthiest and safest way to go.
In 2014, a close friend of mine became pregnant and I created a gift basket for her newborn using the same organic products I was using for my own son. The organically sourced gift basket was such a hit, that many of the guests at the shower asked if I could make gift baskets for them as well. I received so many requests that in 2015 my first Etsy shop was born! Green Baby Baskets was the first organic baby gift shop on Etsy.
Shortly after creating my Etsy shop, I gave birth to my second child and I took a brief hiatus to care for my children. When I reopened my shop I did so with a new name, Little Nature Lover, which was inspired by my two boys and their love of all things nature.
I have a fine arts degree and I created many of the themes myself. I also source some of my themes from talented artisans. All of the adorable themes are printed on 100% organic cotton.
I founded Little Nature Lover so that I could help others clothe their precious little ones in ethically sourced, organic clothing that is free of harsh chemicals and dyes.

Little Nature Lover™ 💚

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